= 3.0.0 =
* New Feature: Post Format - Gallery
* New Feature: Post Format - Link 
* New Feature: Post Format - Image
* New Feature: Post Format - Quote
* New Feature: Post Format - Video
* New Feature: Post Format - Audio
* New Feature: 4 Single Blog Template
* New Feature: 4 Blog Archive Template
* New Feature: Inbuilt Social Share on Single Blog
* New Feature: Reading Progress Bar on Single Blog
* New Feature: Mobile Panel updates with User Menu and Primary Menu
* Improvement: Message and Cart icon in mobile view on Top Bar
* Improvement: Edit Change image links on members and Group avatar and cover images
* Improvement: removed lazy load from the theme for better support for cache plugins
* Improvement: Added image sizes based on template files to serve sized images
* Fixed: Managed activity edit and delete actions button with bb platform

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