BuddyPress To-do List v2.4.0

= 2.4.0 =
* Fix: (#174) Fixed quick view dispaly Issue
* Fix: (#162) Managed todo-list shortcode login form
* Fix: (#170) Hide groups todos tab for logout user
* Fix: (#168) Removed div tag of report is displaying on single todo page
* Fix: (#163) Fixed shortcode page message string is not changing according 
* Fix: (#160) Fixed Remove todo option display issue
* Fix: (#158) Plugin is deactivated if BuddyPress is not activated
* Fix: (#159) Fixed profile tab title missing after plugin activation issue
* Fix: (#156) Can't translate tasks/Todo's on front end(user's profile)
* Enhancement: Add WPML plugin support
Allow users to create and manage their to-dos with the relevant category right from their profile.
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