BuddyPress Redirect v1.8.1

= 1.8.1 =
* Fix: (#59) wp plugin active redirect issue fix
* Fix: (#59) Logout redirection with member
* Fix: (#59) Global login redirection is not working for the BP Component
* Fix: (#50)Fixed fatal error on user role logout
* Fix: (#55) PHP fixes
* Fix: (#58) Issue in member type redirection
* Fix: (#57) Solve logout redirect fatal error
* Fix: (#57) Can't save user role settings in the absence of BuddyPress
* Fix: (#47) Buddypress activity selection issue
* Fix: (#47) Multiple members or multiple role fixes
* Fix: (#47) wp redirect custom field for all users and specific user
* Fix: (#54) Accordion UI fixes
* Fix: (#52) Added global setting nav menu icon
* Fix: (#47) custom URL for login, logout redirection
* Fix: (#45) BuddyPress Dependency
* Fix: Plugin redirect issue when multiple plugins activate at the same time
Redirect members to a different location after they logged in or logged out from your site based on their user role.
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