BuddyPress Profile Pro v1.8.0

= 1.8.0 =
* Fix: Radio repeater field issue
* Fix: #72 - Layout distort when place is a repeater field
* Fix: Foreach supply not array warning
* Fix: Fixed Group Field error.
* Fix: (#62, #101, #104) - Update frontend UI.
* Fix: Removed extra white spaces in textarea field
* Fix: (#80) - Fixed checkbox: repeater field issue.
* Fix: (#104) - Fixed fields overflow issue.
* Fix: (#77) - Fixed phpcs-errors.
* Fix: Update selectize input field UI.
* Fix: (#109) Update fields setting tab description UI.
* Enhancement: (#110) Added phone icon in view profile.
Add repeater fields or group of fields to the front-end forms on the member's profile.
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