BuddyPress Member Reviews v2.6.0

* Fix: (#170) added common space between rating stars
* Fix: (#160 )Fixed shortcode attribute is not working
* Fix: (#155) Fixed member avatar changed on rating filter of widget
* Fix: (#168) Update review content UI
* Fix: Added admin option to control update review functionality
* Fix: (#167) Fixed any one can update review
* Fix: (#166) Fixed edit functionality not working if starts are not change
* Fix: (#164) Managed edit review pop UI with kleo
* Fix: (#157) Fixed email string translation not working
* Fix: (#120) Fixed member directory review not showing with buddyboss
* Fix: (#154) Update success message color
* Fix: (#145) Fixed replace plural string with singular tab name
* Fix: (#155) Fixed user avatar not showing
* Fix: (#161) Fixed remove review cpt featurde image support
* Fix: (#139) Managed edit review model UI
* Fix: (#163) Managed UI with olympus theme
* Fix: (#162) Update custom input slider UI
* Fix: (#101) Fixed review notification url go to 404 page
* Fix: Remove Siteurl filter from plugin file and set in function file
* Fix: Update Member criteria field name with WPML Plugin
* Fix: Fixed admin-ajax.php url issue
* Fix: Fixed #158 - Add review(while translating) redirect to 404 page
Allow members to provide their ratings and reviews to other members’ profiles based on multiple criteria.
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