BuddyPress Group Reviews v3.2.2

= 3.2.2 =
* Fix: Resolved an issue with the review UI to enhance visual presentation and functionality.
* Update: Hid filter dropdown on review listings for a cleaner user interface.
* Enhancement: Managed activity and reviewed UIs for improved user experience.
* Fix: Corrected pagination issues to ensure smooth navigation through pages.
* Fix: Fixed an issue where the 'Add Review' button was not displayed, restoring its functionality.
* Enhancement: Managed group list and enhanced the 'Add Review' UI for better user interaction.
* Fix: Addressed an issue where reviews were not displayed on the directory and removed redundant group extension code.
* Addition: Added functionality to submit reviews without criteria, simplifying the review process.
* Fix: Fixed an issue with review criteria options in admin settings to ensure proper configurability.
* Fix: Ensured plugin does not activate if the group component is inactive, preventing errors in unsupported configurations.
Allow users to provide their reviews and ratings to the community groups based on multiple criteria.
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