BuddyPress Hashtag 7


Feature Highlights

Installing the Plugin

Cost & Requirements

How can I set the length of Hashtag

How to show the hashtag at the sidebar

Short codes for BuddyPress Hashtag

BuddyPress Resume Manager 5

How to add multiple education groups

Get a key for Google Places API Web Service

How to change the field order for BuddyPress Resume Manager

Front view of the resume

Fields options for Resume Manager

BuddyPress Check-ins 5

How to find a list of all already list check-ins locations

How to use Check-ins options for nearby places

BuddyPress Check-ins with Auto suggestion feature

BuddyPress Check-ins Plugin Options

Create and Add Google Place API Key

BuddyPress Private Community Pro 4

Profile Visibility Lock

Logged-out User Setting

Logged-In user settings

BuddyPress Member Groups Settings

BuddyPress Polls 7


BuddyPress Poll – CSS Adjustment with Thrive theme

BuddyPress Polls Features

Installing The Plugin

Back-end Setting for BuddyPress Polls

Front-End Options

BP Polls Widget

BuddyPress Profanity 7



Installing The Plugin

Back-end User Option

Front-End User Option

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Cost & Requirements

BuddyPress Moderation Pro 8


Installing the plugin

Plugin general settings

Activity comment flagging settings

Activity update flagging settings

Private message flagging settings

Group flagging settings

Member flagging settings

BuddyPress Profile Pro 6

Introduction BuddyPress Profile Pro

Get a key for Google Places API Web Service

How to add multiple education groups

Front View of the Extended Fields

Profile Fieldsets Option

Plugin’s hooks and filters