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BuddyPress Moderation

As a BuddyPress admin, you always can delete users and content. However, if you have a very active community, it can be overwhelming to attempt to police your site for inappropriate content or behavior. Hiring moderators may not be a cost-effective option for your site.

BuddyPress Community Moderation offers a solution for site owners to keep their communities straight. With community policing strategy, members of the community have an option for moderation sitewide by attaching flags to content created within the various components.

How does BuddyPress Moderation work?

BuddyPress site admins can elect to have the “flag” button placed next to certain content types, including status updates, activity comments, members, groups, forum topics, and forum posts. The admin can set an automatic warning for users whose content has been flagged and automate deletion after a set number of violations.

Options to enable moderation for BuddyPress Components

BuddyPress Moderation Optional Components

BuddyPress Moderation allows site admin to choose for which components you want to enable moderation, It’s ready for Activities, Activity Comments, Messages, Members, and Groups.

Simple Option for Activities 

BuddyPress Moderation Option for Activity

BuddyPress Moderation allows site admin to enable auto moderation after a certain number of reports, it comes with two operation mode, hides activities for all members or hide activity for those members who have reported for that specific activity.

Activity Comment Moderation Options

BuddyPress Moderation Option for Activity Comments

Moderation options for Private Messages

BuddyPress Moderation Option for Private Message

Moderation Options for BuddyPress Groups

BuddyPress Moderation for Groups

BuddyPress Moderation options for Members

BuddyPress Moderation for Members

Option for each reported Activity

Live actions at frontend with Flags

BP Moderation

It’s unobtrusive and keeps your BuddyPress community healthy and balanced. Depending on how active your community is, this plugin can keep members from spreading sour vibes and help your community to flourish. BuddyPress Moderation is a must-have tool for community management.

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2 thoughts on “BuddyPress Community Moderation : A Must-Have Community Plugin

  1. Hi,

    I’m considering buying the moderation plugin, The description here isn’t clear as to some of the functionality:

    can an activity update be suspended and reinstated?
    can and activity be deleted?
    can users be suspended or deleted?

    Thanks for your help, and if there’s any other functionality documentation I’d be pleased to read it.


    1. Hi Chris,
      1) Activity can be hidden and restored by the admin from the moderation logs
      2) Moderation plugin does not delete any activity, member or group, admin can easily control those options
      3) Members can be suspended with automated and manual methods
      You can take a look of admin options inside the following video.

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