November 14, 2017
WordPress Ecommerce Plugins

The Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins 2017, what you choose?

Are you searching for best WordPress e-commerce plugins for your store? Living in this digital era WordPress is no longer remain just a blogging platform.  Our talented developers all over the world have been adding features and improving this CMS platform.
November 13, 2017

Smart Tools for Advanced Keyword Research

What are your words for keywords? Any idea? These are the words or phrases you can type into a search engine like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to find your related searches and results. Your search may vary in many different fields and sectors.
November 12, 2017

Guest Blogging strategy for SEO and Traffic Generation

Most of the time you have heard about Guest Blogging, any idea what exactly you can describe it? Not so worry! Just in simple words, you can define, Guest Blogging is a popular technique for submitting your blogs to other sites that allow guest posts.
November 11, 2017

Use WordPress Page Builders or Not?

In today's world where an online presence is becoming an inseparable aspect of everyone's life, It becomes important that a website should be responsive as well as good-looking. Everyone wants to attract a huge number of visitors to their website. In order to do that, one should make his website appealing to the visitors. A page builder makes this task easy. In simple words, a Page Builder makes it easy for WordPress users to build custom layouts for their website and gives them various features and functionalities to make their website look better. The best part about these builders is that you do not require to know a single line of coding.
November 11, 2017

Best Caching Plugins for WordPress

Site's speed is a highly important factor for a WordPress website. Excessive load times harms our website in many ways. It not only decreases our site's sped but also reduces the number of visitors on our site. Reduced page speed leads to reduced visitors and this, in turn, affects the ranking of a website. Caching refers to the process of storing data in a cache. A cache is a temporary storage i.e. when a site is cached, it means the site's pages, images, files etc, are stored on the user's local drive.
November 10, 2017

Top 5 Newsletter Plugins for WordPress

Sending newsletters to your subscribers has become an important aspect of a website. Everyone wants to promote their website in the market and they want nothing but the best. One of the important requirements of effective email marketing is to get a good number of subscribers. A newsletter is an efficient tool for getting a huge number of audiences from your website. A Newsletter majorly includes news and details of a particular interest to the readers.
November 9, 2017

Implementing Two-Factor Authentication on your WordPress Website

Security plays a very important role in today's world. To run a WordPress site properly and fearlessly, its very important to keep it safe and secured. One cannot easily find out when Hackers hack their website. Hackers can try to guess your username and password and can hack your website and make it more vulnerable. Therefore, it becomes highly important to secure your website from such harmful threats. One of the best and easiest way to make your website secured is by implementing a Two-Factor Authentication.
November 8, 2017

BuddyPress Alternatives for a WordPress Website

BuddyPress so far is considered as the best social community creating plugin due to its huge number of downloads and more than hundreds of plugins and extensions that can add more functionality to a website. BuddyPress is the most suited and popular plugin to build a social networking like a website on WordPress. This plugin is capable to work with almost all WP themes. From members to friends, chats, activities etc., This plugin offers everything a social networking site needs.
November 7, 2017
WordPress Gallery plugin

WordPress Gallery plugin: Review

Are you using WordPress Gallery plugin? How you find it? Worth or Worst? Or are you looking for a WordPress photo gallery plugin for your site? Tired of going through thousands of WordPress gallery plugins to see which one is the best?  
November 6, 2017
Woo commerce store

Protect Your WooCommerce Store & Customers

Are you running a Woocommerce store? In today’s world Owning a WooCommerce store in this world with increasing cybercrime is a tedious task.Believe it or not, but yes, there many ways which shows that your Woocommerce site is hacked.

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