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August 17, 2016

Top 10 plugin for BuddyPress

Building a stunning website comes easy with WordPress and powering an online social community that belongs to your website is the job of BuddyPress plugins. Various plugins have been rolled out in the market to cater to varied needs of different vendors who are running communities like an educational community, online shopping community etc. In this blog post, we will discuss the 10 best BuddyPress plugins that will take your community site to the next level.… Read the rest
August 16, 2016

10 Best MarketPlace WordPress themes

The global marketplace is bustling with new eCommerce offerings every day. You think of a product and it is there, available on some or the other online portal. What drives these multiple online selling websites is the huge competitive environment and the vendors and aggregators who want to leave no stone unturned in order to deliver the best they have. Designing an impressive and user friendly website for this purpose is a decisive and primary step.… Read the rest
August 15, 2016

10 incredible free WordPress themes

It’s time to find a new fresh WordPress theme for work, whether you are working on new WordPress site or doing some changes on existing one. As we know we have an option of a premium theme but if you working on a small budget then free WordPress will you more they have also sufficient feature and options. Developer and designers offer you pro and premium version of the same theme but you have to find the ideal solution for your website.… Read the rest
August 15, 2016

10 best WordPress Social Media Plugin For Social Sharing

Are you looking for  WordPress social media plugins for sharing on social sites? I am always searching something new for my upcoming project, or sometime it is  required for particular theme . So it is very important to have something new. With the help of this article I will explain you here about 10 awesome wordpress social media plugins with complete feature and their uses.… Read the rest
August 12, 2016

Top 11 WordPress LMS Themes

Running a fully functioning online learning website that imparts online knowledge is no new trend. And using a WordPress learning management system to do so is the easiest way out.  The amount of independent features and visuals that come along make the execution of this idea as easy as a pie. Many themes and plugins are available in the LMS market to boost your website making experience.… Read the rest
August 11, 2016

Top 10 WordPress LMS Plugins

The learning management system market is being subjected to impressive upgrades every other day. Keeping in mind the requirements of the learner and administrator both, vendors are making sure that the e-learning space is well-monetized. Catering to the need, WordPress which is an easily extendable learning management system platform, lets the user explore. Users are in complete control, unlike any other pre-packaged solution on another platform.… Read the rest
August 9, 2016

Importance of Email Marketing, That Get Results!!

Email marketing can seem obsolete and even ancient when compared with advanced strategies such as Online marketing, SEO, social media and SMM. Although we are getting a good result. In fact, email is that strategies which more 40 times effective at acquiring new customers in comparison to Facebook, twitter, and social media platform.Also,We can say that  you are six times more likely to get a click-through from an email campaign than you are from a tweet and post.… Read the rest
August 6, 2016

Step by step instructions to improve your eCommerce landing pages

When you hear the expression “Landing page,” you likely think about a dedicated page on a site. Then again you may even think about your store’s landing page.Most showcasing web journals propose that you utilize committed points of arrival to indicate new guests promoting messages, or offer a particular gathering of people an arrangement or pitch made only for them. What’s more, certain, for a few destinations, this is a powerful technique — yet it’s diverse in the realm of eCommerce.… Read the rest
January 16, 2016

Top 10 Learning Management System (LMS)

For startups, internet development is a frightening endeavor. Notwithstanding your field of activity or niche, a solid website should be ready support and represent your company. Though a typical, error-free layout is predicted, it’ll not be enough. Users can forever migrate towards the place which will provide them a better degree convenience. Be it quicker loading speeds, simplified and interactive customization, and even tools for spreadsheets, it’s clear that these options will breathe life into any website.… Read the rest