April 28, 2017

Best 6 Featured Plugins for WordPress

WordPress plugin is basically a bit of software which can expand and extend the functionality of your WordPress. Personal homepage programming or the PHP programming is used to create these WordPress plugins that will allow you to integrate these plugins with WordPress seamlessly. If you don’t have any knowledge about computer coding, then these tiny add-ons will allow you to add new features to your WordPress.… Read the rest
April 27, 2017

Best Web Hosting For Running Your BuddyPress Site

On this page, I will tell you what I have learned about BuddyPress hosting while developing large-scale BuddyPress projects for my various clients. You can technically host your BuddyPress site even on a shared server. A typical configuration of a shared server that offers a small amount of server resources that is shared with other clients of the hosting company. For small sites – with an appropriate plugins installed – this works.… Read the rest
April 27, 2017

5 Top Free And Feature-Packed WordPress Gallery Plugins

WordPress gallery plugins are extremely useful to give a better outlook to your WordPress sites. Looking for some feature-packed, yet free gallery plugins for your website? Here are 5 top free WordPress gallery plugins currently trending in the market. Envira Gallery Lite The user interface of Envira Gallery Lite is really easy-to-use. Most of the works in this gallery plugin can be done just by ‘drag and drop’.… Read the rest
April 26, 2017

7 Top Picks from Freelancing Websites for Job Search

Freelancing is rapidly becoming an alternate way of earn for professionals. There are distinct benefits that a freelancer enjoys, which includes working as per own hour. Devoting time as per work or project demand and non-stricture to fixed timings. To this effect, the number of freelance websites offering the platform for finding such work has also increased. You may refer below for finding the seven best sites that offer freelance work for professionals and freshers alike.… Read the rest
April 26, 2017

6 Premium Job Board Themes for WordPress

Job Board themes basically help to connect job seekers with the employers. There are lots of themes that you can use in your WordPress site to make your Job Board. Job Board themes in the WordPress sites not only benefit major recruiting agencies but also a micro business that targets blue collar worker, babysitter, etc. Moreover, Job Board theme in WordPress sites fits well with the freelancers and helps them to connect with the prospect agencies.… Read the rest
April 25, 2017

Know How You Can Manage Multiple WordPress Site Easily

WordPress being the largest open source tool for website creation, always remains in a state of change. It is written in simple PHP language, which allows a user to simply tweak it using plugins and themes. The core WordPress update is limited; however, there is ample scope of customizing the themes and plugins. This tweaking can cause your website to face malfunction and degradation in performance.… Read the rest
April 24, 2017

14 Must Collaboration Tools for Web Designers

When Web Designers involves in any new project, it is always for sure exhilarating and exciting for him or her. Whether working alone or with a team, best collaboration tools are always handy for the users. The tools help in integration, track keeping of versions, communication to remote team and preview or prototype creation. The Web Designers tool used for efficient and successful web design creation are mentioned below.… Read the rest
April 24, 2017

Top 6 Free Outstanding WordPress Plugins For 2017

A WordPress plugin is a special piece of software that adds some extra feature to a WordPress site. Outstanding WordPress Plugins can extend the functionality and add some new features to your beloved WordPress site. Depending on the update history and reviews, you can choose the best WordPress plugin for your site. Now, when it comes to choosing WordPress plugin, then the task is a bit daunting.… Read the rest
April 24, 2017

Steps To Add Google AdSense – Website Monetization

Are you a website publisher who wants to showcase targeted video, texts, and ads on their WordPress site to earn money(Website Monetization)? Google AdSense is here to serve you. The important thing that you need to keep in mind is that a little technical know-how is required for this particular tool to swiftly add it to a WordPress site. Now, you might be thinking that it would require “rocket science”.… Read the rest
April 22, 2017

5 Best Photoshop Filter Plugins for WordPress Websites

Images have become a necessity in your website content for reaching out to the viewers. An image provides an attractive way to convey our message to the viewer instead of boring text content. So, wouldn’t it be great if we could edit these images for our website like a professional or use photoshop filter plugins for additional effects? Fortunately, the open-source nature of WordPress Content Management System (CMS) provides us with plugins for this very purpose.… Read the rest