5 Little Known but Helpful WordPress Plugins to Speed up your Website

WordPress Plugins

Several plugins and themes are not coded properly and can hamper website speed, even with lightning-fast web hosting. There are no perfect themes or plugins. Sometimes just one inferior WordPress plugin can prove to be the worst enemy for your website. So, to solve this problem there are several WordPress Performance Plugins that can help you in fixing the problem and speeding up your website. Listed below are a few lesser-known but helpful WordPress Plugins.

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1. Query Monitor

Query Monitor: WordPress Plugin

It is a free expansion and debugging WordPress plugin. You can use it to analyze and fix sluggish database queries, REST API requests, AJAX calls, and much more. The best part about this plugin is the fact that you can narrow down each query on the page. Also, it is not only for front-end operations which means that you can use it even for solving performance issues in your dashboard.

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2. Complete Analytics Optimization Suite (CAOS)

Complete Analytics Optimization Suite (CAOS)

This WordPress plugin is free and lets you host Google Analytics on your website locally. It has been installed by several people and has very good ratings.  By hosting analytics locally you will be able to able to have full authority over the caching of a file. You will be able to make your visitor’s IP address anonymous, be able to add a header and footer of the script, and also set an adjusted bounce rate. All you need to do is install the plugin and enter your Google Analytics Tracking ID. The plugin adds the required tracking code to your website downloads it and saves the analytics to your server.

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3. Gonzalez Plugin

Gonzalez Plugin: WordPress Plugin

This is a premium WordPress plugin but is worth every penny you pay. The second version of this plugin has been launched which has a better User Interface and several enhancements.  Gonzalez is a lightweight and uncomplicated plugin that helps in getting rid of impractical JS and CSS files. it enables you to load JS and CSS depending on the page you are exploring. A single-site license would cost you approximately $29 and an unlimited license would be approximately $200. Gonzalez would disable your files with WordPress hooks and not completely remove them from your site. To configure the theme, browse a page on your site and click Gonzalez in the admin bar.

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4. Lazy Load for Comments

Lazy Load for Comments

WordPress isn’t able to lazy load comments by itself as that isn’t built into its core. Lazy Load for Comments is a free, lightweight WordPress plugin that is very easy to configure. It helps in getting rid of undesirable HTTP requests and speeds up your website. One of its features is Lazy loading comments gravatar. You can install it easily and then in the setting option, under discussion there would be two options. “On Scroll” is set by default. You can change it to “on click” which will create a button before the comments load.

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5. Query Strings Remover

Query Strings Remover

Another free WordPress plugin is the Query Strings Remover. It helps in improving your website’s caching by removing query strings. The JavaScript and CSS files have the file version at the end of the URLs known as query strings. Some servers cannot cache the query strings, which reduces your website’s speed. You can download this plugin by searching your dashboard under “add new plugins”. You need to install this WordPress plugin. No configuration is required. Clear your cache resources after installing this plugin to notice the difference

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By using all these WordPress plugins you can speed up your website. These are not much known but are worth checking. Adding more plugins is not bad as long as they are lightweight. So, you can consider adding these to your WordPress sites for a speedy result.

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